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HydraTrax Portable Containment Systems


Portable containment designed for worker & environmental protection in any industry

HYDRA custom built containment berms or full location coverage can withstand daily heavy equipment traffic and is easily repaired with long term reusability.

Available exclusively across North America & into Global markets, HydraTrax is available in both rental or retail options with custom sized containment berms ranging from 4″ – 12″ drive over foam edging or 6″ – 6′ Muscle Wall portable hard wall of any size or shape.


HydraTrax is proven to significantly reduce slips & trips, with static reduction, FR, chemical & -40C crack resistant characteristics

HYDRA also provides battery/facility, tank farms with 3′ & 4′ steel wall options for complete installations in the energy sector.

Marine options for fuel/oil/chemical containment or increased dock/deck safety for dangerous slippery surfaces with easy cleanup.

Portable berms for construction equipment provide onsite option for maintenance, cleaning, inspection.

Equestrian barns can be lined to provide fatigue reduction and traction for race horses, special livestock.


Rental & Retail options available, contact us for more information.

HydraTrax is available in a range of colors, 36 mil, 45 mil & 60 mil thickness providing reasonable price options depending on the specified application.

Custom builds to cover any application

Lightweight for quick deployment, custom size and shape options available.

HydraTrax uses include all equipment types that pose a risk of fluid, fuel or chemical release to the environment. HydraTrax is available in 36 mil, 45 mil & 60 mil thickness.

Made from 100% reusable materials,
HydraTrax can be repaired & reused many times

HydraTrax is built using reinforced PolyPropylene chemical resistant material (RPP).

Using heat welding technology, HydraTrax creates an impermeable protective surface.

To reduce weight, cost & improve cleaning post-use procedures, HydraTrax utilizes regular RPP under

the equipment & custom placement of tread material for worker safety.

More Secondary Containment Solutions

Muscle Wall as a primary or secondary containment solution.

Oil and gas companies also tap this same proven technology, knowing that Muscle Wall offers cost-effective and safe primary and secondary containment solutions.  Over 15 miles of Muscle Wall have been deployed in oil and gas operations and have been proven to be cost-effective, safe alternative to earthen berms.

HydraShield as a secondary containment system.  

The HydraShield and liner system is an easy to install, cost-efficient solution for secondary containment or storage and can be configured in any dimension required.  HydraShield light weight and portability saves both time and money in shipping; as well as allows for it to be installed in remote locations. 

VapRlok Energy & Water Conservation Systems

Cost Effective

Saves money on heating, in both cold & warm conditions. Blocks extensive evaporation losses in summer months, reducing trucking, transfer & water costs.

Blocks Evaporation

In cold & windy conditions, heat loss is costly. In hot & dry conditions, evaporative losses & cost can be extremely high. The VapRlok lid stops nearly all evaporation.

Wildlife Deterrence

Significantly reduces a major environmental hazard by protecting & isolation tank contents from birds & other wildlife.

Reusable and Environmental

The VapRlok lid floats with changing water levels, stays flexible in extreme temperatures and is 100% reusable. This protects the environment rather than stuffing landfills with disposable netting & tarp covers.

Safe, Easy Deployment

Rigged up immediately after tank setup in only a few hours using Hydra trained crews & picker trucks. Can also be installed on full tanks & storage pits.

Our Hydra trained crews specialize in safe & economical delivery, installation & removal of our rental VapRlok lid system. the VapRlok modular lid design enables any configuration to be constructed on site in order to cover your clean water supply in frac pits, storage tanks of any size or shape.

CleanTRACK It’s not just dust control!

CleanTRACK™ is a long term road dust suppression technology that will control dust and promote water drainage. In testing, 100% of CleanTRACK™ chemical remained after 1000 freshwater flushes.

CleanTRACK uses a proprietary, non-toxic chemical formulation that, when applied to gravel or soil surfaces, leaves a thin film on the minerals. This mineral coating creates an intergranular attraction between fines, which not only prevents them from becoming airborne, but will also compact the road to create a more durable and stable surface. The water repellent nature of this coating will control dust and promote water drainage, which will minimize water-related damage such as seasonal frost heaving, road depression and ruts.


  • Easy-to-apply, cost-effective, long-term coating
  • Moisture-Repelling: Coating will last through wet or wintery conditions; does not wash away
  • Any Road: Can be applied to the surface of any road or area, as well as integrated into the soil and gravel
  • Reduction In Dust: Reduces the amount of airborne fines to which the surrounding environment is exposed
  • Increased Visibility: Improve visibility for heavier traffic on non-paved areas
  • Reduces Maintenance: Can increase the life of filters, sensitive electronics and equipment; reduces the frequency and cost of maintenance procedures
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