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Hydra-EU can provide you with a thorough risk assessment and we customize our flood prevention for your situation. We work with Aqua-Barrier, Muscle Wall, Boxbarrier, Hydra Shield, IBS Sytems, Dam Easy. These are all proven products in flood prevention.

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What’s included? After a thorough risk assessment the HydraSafe is customized to your property needs with any or all of our available resources. MuscleWall, Aqua-Barrier , HydraShield,

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Muscle wall

Interlocking water filled hard wall designed for extreme flood conditions.

Muscle wall systems feature an innovative design that uses durable, hollow, low-density polyethylene walls that can be quickly moved into place to protect homes and businesses from the devastating and costly impact of flooding. Best used in moving water, high-wave, etc. scenarios.

Hydra shield


Interlocking hard wall flood panels constructed to control rising still-water on flat surfaces.




Flexible, chambered, water-filled flood barriers best utilized on uneven surfaces. Hydra offers a variety of sizes from 2′- 8′  in height. The Aqua-Barrier is designed to lock itself into place once FILLED, eliminating any need for anchoring.

Dam Easy Flood Barrier Door Dam

Dam Easy is an “off-the-shelf” flood defense product that installs in minutes without special expertise or tools. It is the only domestic flood barrier that uses a unique patented pneumatic pump action seal.

Protects doorways and similar openings from flood heights as high as 28.5″ and as wide as 43″ at full extension. Adding the Dam Easy® Extension Pole allows the use of multiple barriers covering openings from 65.4″ to 118″ and beyond!


Flood Protection Made Easy

The Dam Easy Flood Barrier installs in minutes with no tools required. Just follow the simple instructions below to protect your doorways from flooding up to 28.5″ high.

Fits Most Openings

Dam Easy fits most doorways up to 43.3″ wide due to its ability to expand and contract with the easy-to-use ratchet system. For larger openings, like garage doors or entranceways, you can combine multiple barriers with the extension pole (pictured below) to cover up to 118″ and beyond.

Available Accessories

Dam Easy® Extension Pole

The Dameasy Extension Pole allows the use of multiple barriers covering openings from 65.4 to 118 inches and beyond.

Dam Easy® Security Cover

Security cover is available to purchase for added security, to prevent tampering and removal of the barrier.


The BoxBarrier is a temporary flood defense system which has the huge advantage of quick and easy placement and removal. No additional equipment is required for the installation, except for a simple pump. Removal of the system is even faster than the installation and does not lead to remaining debris (which is normally the case with weathered and ruptured sandbags). Another advantage of this temporary flood defense system is that the BoxBarrier does not need to have a permanent foundation installed in the ground and can thus be deployed at numerous sites and locations


The Tubebarrier is a flood barrier that can be used to temporarily increase the height of a dike, to protect vital objects from urban flooding or to contain industrial leakage. The Tubebarrier is made of flexible PVC and fills itself with water. The shown model is 70 cm high with a front flap that is fixed with anchor plates. One segment is 10 meter and is stored in a box like an accordion. Segments are connected by zippers and can be quickly deployed over hundreds of meters by two persons.

Flood Protection, TubeBarrier

IBS Systems

Permanent concrete base with removable flood panels for use in reoccurring flood zones.

The Product

  • Engineered in Germany
  • Made of the highest-grade aluminum and steel available
  • Protects up to 15’ H in flooding
    • “Super Light” System: Razor-thin (max. 2” in depth)
    • Can be painted any color to match any property
    • Extremely light components
Hydra & it's strategic partners have taken flood mitigation to a whole new level, we test new products and feature a "toolbox" full of engineered solutions to match the actual conditions! Hydra also offers rental equipment options, with full setup & removal with a strong focus on reusable equipment that allows us to stick with our passion for the environment. If your property is already under water and conditions are safe enough to work in, we can isolate, dewater & speed up the restoration process
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